U.S. Adaptive Open

Pinehurst Resort & C.C. (Course No. 6), Village of Pinehurst, N.C.

JULY 18-20, 2022

U.S. Adaptive Open

Pinehurst Resort & C.C. (Course No. 6), Village of Pinehurst, N.C.

JULY 18-20, 2022

Entry Process


Late applications are not acceptable and will be automatically rejected.

The final field will be determined by approximately May 18; this information will be conveyed to all entrants and posted on usaoc.usga.org

Players who withdraw or do not gain entry into the championship will receive a full refund.

Impairment Categories

Impairment Categories: Arm Impairment, Leg Impairment, Multiple Limb Amputee, Vision Impairment, Intellectual Impairment, Neurological Impairment, Seated Players, and Short Stature. If the player is unsure of the category, the player can provide more information when completing the entry application. Multiple sets of tees will be used.  The USGA will finalize tee assignments closer to the time of the championship.

Note 1:  Players whose impairments do not match these categories will be placed in the most similar group in terms of appropriate course length.

Note 2:  The USGA in coordination with the medical assessor will make final decisions on player Impairment Categories.

Note 3:  If a player’s Impairment Category is changed after the competition begins due to intentional misrepresentation by the player, the player will be disqualified.  If the change is due to Committee error, and the player as a result has played from an incorrect set of tees, the results of play from the incorrect tees will stand and the player will immediately move to the correct tees.

Field Composition

The 2022 Championship field will be filled as follows:

  1. Five male players and two female players per each Impairment Category with the best Handicap Index as of the entry deadline, if entries support those numbers, to include a minimum of three males and one female per each Impairment Category from the USA, if available.
  2. 20 spots in the field will be reserved for women, if entries support that number, to include a minimum of 50% USA players, if available; remaining places for women will be allocated based on best Handicap Index, as of the entry deadline.
  3. Players with the best Handicap Index as of the entry deadline, to include a minimum of 50% USA players, if available, to fill the field up to 76 places.
  4. Up to 20 USGA Committee Selections, to fill the field to 96 places; any Committee Selections not used will be returned to 3 above.
  5. Alternate spots will be filled based on where a player withdrew in 1-4 above.

Note 1:  A player’s country will be determined by the player’s citizenship.

Note 2:  Ties for players with the same Handicap Index for final positions in 1-3 above will be broken (i) by the unrounded values of the Handicap Indexes, and (ii) if still tied, by lot.

Prizes (Separate Prizes for Men and Women)

Note:  The Overall Champion can come from any set of tees.

Overall Champion: Gold medal and custody of Championship trophy for the ensuing year, subject to such conditions as the USGA may establish.

Overall Runner-Up: Silver medal.

Medals will also be awarded to the Low Scorer in each Impairment Category.

If ties occur for Overall Runner-Up or Low Scorer in an Impairment Category, duplicate medals will be awarded.

No Other Remuneration: By his/her application, the player acknowledges that he/she is not entitled to remuneration of any kind for participation in the Championship other than prizes listed herein.